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Wed 16 June 2021

Coaching for Success

Wed 12 May 2021

A Focus on Paddling

Wed 21 April 2021

All about Bikes!! On and Off Road

Wed 7 April 2021

Personal Preparation for Solo and Team AR

Slides from webinar

Wed 17 Mar 2021

Bike Fitting, Targeted and Functional Training Advice for Cycling

Wed 3 Mar 2021

Wed 17 Feb 2021

Women in AR (part 2)

Wed 3 Feb 2021

Building Your Adventure Racing Team

Wed 20 Jan 2021

Navigation – Tips & Tricks

Navigation Information

Wed 6 Jan 2021

Women in AR (part 1) (No video)

Slides from webinar

Wed 2 Dec 2020

Winter Training