Adventure Racing Ireland (ARI) – Code of Conduct for Members (Draft)
 Sept 2020
  Dated: 7th September 2020

Every adventure racer is responsible both for their own safety and ensuring best practice is followed when undertaking the sport of adventure racing.

Members must be respectful of each other, tolerant of differences and must conduct themselves in a fair, just and accepting manner. Any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of members to report instances where concerning behaviour has been witnessed and is the responsibility of the Executive Committee of ARI to address any concerns reported.

Adventure racers should always race in accordance with race rules and be respectful of all other racers when competing.

Members should always adhere to the guidelines and policies agreed by ARI.

Members should be respectful of any members of the public and landowners while taking part in adventure races, organising and planning an event or training session.

Members will at all times respect the beautiful country we live in and follow the “Leave No Trace” ethic when in the outdoors (

Members will always be respectful of private and public landowners when in the outdoors. There is no guaranteed right to roam on the island of Ireland, and therefore it is important that permission is sought before accessing private land for outdoor activities and adventure races.

Members will always aim to minimise any disturbance to sensitive habitats, wildlife and farm-animals.

Members that organise races shall do so following recommended guidelines and race procedures.