We are very excited to bring 5 team races for 2024.

The race format will be a team of 2 in either all male or female and mixed teams. Two options of races, for those who new to navigation there will be a short race of between 3-4 hours called Sprint.

The course will be easy and help improve your navigation.

For those that navigate there will be 6-8 hours race called endurance.

Sprint and Endurance races have a series in both races the best 3 races count.

2024 Team Adventure Race Series Events

2023 National Team AR Series – Sprint Events

Final 2022 National Team AR Series Tables are available below

2022 Sprint Series Men

2022 Sprint Series Women

2022 Mixed Sprint Series

2022 Endurance Series Men

2022 Endurance Series Women

2022 Endurance Series Mixed

History of the National Team Adventure Race Series

The Team Adventure Race series was setup in 2022 with 4 events and included two categories Sprint and Endurance

Role of Honour – Team Series Winners 2022 – 

Endurance Women Endurance Men Endurance Mixed Sprint Women Sprint Men Sprint Mixed
2023 No winner Kevin O’Brien &

Nick O’Donoghue

No winner No winner Cian Murphy &

Cathal Owens

Lesleyann Wylie &

Eoin Wylie

2022 Paula Fitzpatrick &

Heather O’Brien

Johan Muller &

Adrian Cunningham

Lorraine Horan &

James Connelly

No winner Stephen Geraghty &

Paul Tierney

Eddie O’Callaghan &

Michelle O Donnell

General Rules and Guidelines

TAR (Team Adventure Race) Series Rules for 2024

  • Teams with names as entered for their first race of the series to be considered for TAR series points
  • Should circumstance permit each team may use one other person as a substitute for one or several events in any one year
  • Mixed team may have 1 substitute of each gender if needed but not in same race
  • No change permitted in Team clarification i.e. Male/Female/Mixed Pair as originally entered
  • Should extra substitutes be used by any team in addition to the initial allowed substitute then that team’s result will not count for the Series
  • Series prizes will be awarded to each winning team in each of the classification and each distance event (Endurance & Sprint)

Race Finish Classification generally will be:

  • A) Most points gained net of any bonus’ or penalties
  • B) If equal net points then fastest time
  • C) Teams with most Mandatory Check Points (MCP) will be ranked above those with less
  • Points for Transition Areas (TAs) & MCPs are 100 points
  • Time bonus / penalties for all Optional Check Points (OCPs) are likely to vary with each race
  • Penalties for teams finishing over allocated time will generally be 10 points per minute late but may vary with each race
  • In the event of a tie for first place and overall Team Series Championship the following tie breaks will be initiated and they will be initiated in the following order
    • Of the racers tied for 1st place – whoever has the most race ‘wins’
    • Of the racers tied for 1st place – whoever has the most points in head-to-head events
      • This means events where the tied racers participated in same race
      • This means ‘started a race’ – a DNF counts as 0 points in this situation
    • Of the racers tied for 1st place – Lowest cumulative head-to-head time
      • Example: the tied racers competed head to head in 2 events. Their overall time for the 2 events is added up and the lowest cumulative time determines the winner
    • In the event that racers are still tied for 1st place there will be joint 1st place